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If you want to start investing in gold, but do not know how, apart from a lot of information we provide on our website, we provide you with practical tips as a result of the experience of our golden team. How to Invest in Gold in Brazil and abroad, is a question that is increasingly drawing the attention of people, and that due to the growing and irreversible deterioration of various economic assets worldwide.


Is your goal to invest in gold for simple investment strategy, making jewelry, protection against inflation, accumulation of wealth? Want to get 24K or 18K gold in whatever amount you want to buy?


Our goal, is to inform about the best market sources for the purchase of physical gold (not the simple paper of ownership of the metal), to share our experience and bring updated information about what is happening behind the scenes of the economy, information that you may not find in major media publications, many sponsored by banks and the government, two agents that have absolutely no interest that you take gold in your hands, because gold means economic independence.


We know gold mines that go from north to south Brazil, Cooperative miners, Distributors Securities, Goldsmith, Jewellery Manufacturers and individuals and companies who sell the metal most coveted of all ages. And we also keep in touch with negotiators of gold in the four corners of the planet, literally. They are always supplying us with additional and updated information. All to inform you!


The information on our website (the most complete on the subject on the Brazilian precious market) are not intended primarily to acquire legal title to the metal (which is nothing but paper), but physical gold, so that you promptly take possession of the GOLD and you can save it, which will bring you happiness and wealth accumulation.


Anyway, on our website you can also find information on how to trade such securities, which do not cease to be an option for those wishing to enter the market of GOLD. There are many nuances in this market (the Brazilian gold market), and our team has acquired knowledge in order to provide you with information from the most practical way possible. And all in a very simple way.


The information supplied here is informative, the work of our team, we disclaim any responsibility for any deal made between you and the institutions that are listed on our site. What we can tell you is that until today we have never had any problems with the institutions that we ourselves point as a way of trading gold in these institutions. So we know them. Also since we were careful to make sure with the Central Bank of Brazil on the eligibility of such institutions. Still, we reiterate, the responsibility for negotiations are due to the buyer and seller of precious metal, either gold or silver.


"How do I buy gold and invest in gold?". You'll be amazed at the misinformation that you will see from bank workers, and because it is not in the interest of the banks that you get physical gold. However, this misinformation you will not receive from us! And, similarly, the bank clerk is well trained to tell you about transactions with gold in the Commodities and Futures markets, or are ready to sell you paper! And charging commissions and fees that can be called anything less than cheap. And who can guarantee you 100% that those papers will, in fact, in the future be convertible into gold? And if there are new gold confiscations?


Our information are intended to help your financial growth by acquiring a real asset, tangible and palpable, internationally recognized as the best and most secure way of exchanging in all human history: the physical GOLD. Get started its journey towards acquiring the money of kings and queens: GOLD.




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