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Precious Metals in Brazil. A Brazilian Perspective on Precious Metals Markets.

A Website written 100 % by Brazilian Independent Precious Metals Investors!



We are a team of independent investors who have a great deal of mistrust in the information published in the media about the economy in general. We are also enthusiastic investors in precious metals. Although we also use part of the content provided by major publications of Brazil's economy and also international, our stance is firm on the principle of independence of economic management, which in other words means that the less government intervention in the economy there, the better it will be for everyone. And history has shown that this principle has been found beneficial in practice for at least 2,500 years.

We are not shown anything positive about the current situation of world economy, and especially concerning the situation in Brazil, given the politically cheap. Not wishing to be taxed neither pessimistic nor of doomsday, we held a serious job, looking for information at any time by updating them and confronting them, and above all driven by hope, knowing that better days may come to those who seek to guide their lives by the truth and not let themselves to be seduced by lies.

Although our website is still new (it was released in August 2008), our intention to make this site the most complete reference on the market for precious metals in Brazil and with valuable references to the international market, all available here for you.

Our work is hard, it costs us effort, dedication, money and attention. Unlike websites, which are limited to only display the prices of gold in domestic and global publishing information for the entire circuit of gold in Brazil, we increase in releasing regular and updated information. And yet, we show to our readers, in clear and simple language, the relationship of the gold market with the financial system nationally and internationally, a territory largely unknown to most Brazilians. And all this in order to bring an important and actual view of the opportunity for clarification on these investments (gold and silver), which, each day that passes, more and more are becoming a "financial fever," and this is due the impressive instabilities that the international financial system have presented.

In history, no other store of value there is that can be compared to gold, which comes across millennia as being the biggest and toughest financial asset of all times.


Suggestions, constructive criticism, cooperation, and also any corrections are always welcome and will be willingly accepted by our staff.


Warning! We do not have direct linkage to any company or financial institution, with the entire contents of the Site being solely for information purposes. We do not offer retirement plans in gold, have no representatives and does not send emails to anyone making propaganda of our site. If someone is present on our behalf or if someone sends an e-mail on behalf of the site: Do not give credit! And please let us know. And if that happens, these fraudsters will respond civilly and criminally for their actions. Remember also that the unauthorized copies of this website will be cause for attention and judicial proceedings.


Welcome again!


Ouro&Dinheiro Team


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