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welcome to our BRAZILIAN golden website!

Precious Metals in Brazil. A Brazilian Perspective on Precious Metals Markets.

A Website written 100 % by Brazilian Independent Precious Metals Investors!



Greetings dear visitor! Our website, OUROEDINHEIRO.COM, launched in 2008, became the most important reference for information on precious metals in Brazil. However, while our vision has a local perspective (Brazilian) much of the information provided here is information that concerns the market for precious metals worldwide. For the international investor, we thought to be interesting for you to know not only about the market for precious metals seen under a Brazilian perspective, but also to know how this market works here in Brazil (an historic gold producer), and how Brazil relates to international precious metals market.


Why Invest in Gold


"For over two thousand years gold's natural qualities made it the universal medium of exchange for men. In contrast to political money, gold is honest money that survived the times and will survive much longer, even up to when paper currency with the value established by rulers have already had the same fate of any other type of paper. " (Hans F. Sennholz, 1922-2007. Renowned German economist, Professor of Economics from Grove City College in Pennsylvania, was president of the Foundation for Economic Education, has published 18 books on economics.)


We know that the world is moving towards hard days. Natural disasters do not stop to occur, and who is attentive to the growing number of successive wars and conflicts around the earth does not seem to find a reason to believe a turnaround in the world towards a better economic situation than the current, quite the contrary!


In addition, it is already obvious that Islamic and the communist countries will continue to do everything to undermine the American and European economies. And in many ways have been successful. The September 11 triggered a series of irreversible events and this reflects directly on the financial health of the global economy.


In Brazil, the Neo-Communism is already being implemented at a rapid pace, especially after the advent of the administration of President Lula's Partido dos Trabalhadores - PT (Workers Party), which is based on utopic economic theories that have been historically catastrophic, such as the theories of Karl Marx. The booklet of the neo-communists Brazilian and South American countries is the Communist Manifesto written by Marx, work inseparable from the body of his writings, all useless in all respects, including the economic.

And if these are the people who governs Brazil, based on fallacious theories and historically proven unhealthy for the economic health of any nation, it is no wonder that the seemingly good results of today's economy will be configured in one of the largest political and economic tragedy that the South American continent has ever seen.

Communism is a philosophical and economic theory with negative influences on the economy, besides being a political and economic system that promotes poverty. We are, therefore, on fragile soil. And every precaution for the future of our finances should be considered vital. When a wall collapses, it is too late for us to recover the gaps.


Until 1971, the currencies were equivalent to a proportion of gold. You could, at any time, make the replacement of any major world currencies for a certain amount of gold. Today the value of money is no longer backed by anything, except by government measures, price and consumers indexes , the most varied, and not to mention that nothing has had the power to maintain an inflation-free currency (devaluation).


Thus, those who can read the signs of the times can understand that the present world economic situation will tend to change into something even worse, where paper currency is worth as much as toilet paper, similar to what has already occurred in many economies the planet.


In Brazil, we already have the following currencies: Réis, Mil Réis, Cruzeiro, Cruzeiro Novo, Cruzado, Cruzado Novo, Cruzeiro Real, and Real. Imagine that one has now a mountain of those papers, what would thhey worth today? Nothing!


The impact of hyperinflation in the history of the Brazilian currency is such, that today if we used the Réis from the first decades of the twentieth century, to buy just three loaves of bread, at $6.00 Reais a kilogram, we would need nothing less than 2.700.,00 Réis!


A Cruzeiro in 1960, was worth in 1994 less than a trillionth of a cent!


Period prescribed in the German hyperinflation of 1923-1924, money was used to heat a kiln, for the period prescribed in that German money was worth less than firewood.


A note of money in Hungary, which has come to issue notes like this up. Its value:,00 Peng!


Not to mention the economic benefits of historic gold (and silver), the behavior of the international market before the gold is in itself indisputable evidence that the precious metals today are taking the path of a new and rapid rise to the valuation of these assets , which also gives them the added value of security of investment, which a very few assets can give.


Gold is an asset such as property, land, cars. It's something you have, tangible and durable, which can be passed to future generations. Unlike paper currency, gold does not depend on the economic situation of the government that prints it , its value is intrinsic, ie, a value that already is by nature itself.


Also, the electronic money (some economists call "digital money" - are just numbers stored in servers) has been undergoing a rapid devaluation, and the current credit offered by banks (numbers - digital money) does not mean anything if the main economies of the planet collapse. Or if you can use the historic precious metal as a medium of exchange, barter or return to the primitive times *. Or worse, will be in the most painful misery ...


* Note: As we predicted there two years ago, Barter became the medium of exchange in Zimbabwe from April 2009. Its currency has become souvenirs. Not worth anything!


Reasons to Invest in Gold


Book-value durable, easy to handle and transport, not subject to the same inflationary fluctuations of paper money, nor the disaster of the stock market.

Available in various shapes and weights.

Accepted internationally-active financial and liquidity guaranteed. -In 5000 years of history, nothing significant has ever been able to change the universal value of gold.

Gold has real value and tangible. It's real money (as well as silver). The money currently in circulation has its value determined by the government, which govern (or manipulate) an infinite number of indices and indicators whose purpose is to tell the public about worth the paper currency.

Gold is not subject to such manipulation. This is because gold is worth gold, period.

The proportion between the demand for gold and production of gold (which influences the supply) is on the rise in favor of gold. The demand is increasing, tends to remain, which can only lead to recovery of the metal.

Gold was the main currency of most of Europe, Asia and the Americas by 1971. Also silver, but in smaller proportions.

Gold has passed as a medium of exchange (money) and store of value (enrichment) over the years and civilizations for some basic reasons:

It is rare, beautiful, hard to find and mining costs are high 

It is virtually indestructible 

It is compact 

It is malleable and divisible

In addition to the economic security that gold can give to its owner, over time its value exceeds by far, the recovery of any paper currency. And History is a witness of that.


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